What is OC Bridefest?

A Bachelorette Party Game Show filmed in Ocean City Maryland. We’re working with City, County and State Tourism to create a Unique 30 minute pilot for distribution to the Travel Channel and other International Media Outlets.  Our film crew will be at each venue Shooting the Contests and getting behind the scenes footage for the documentary.

Will we be on TV?

There’s an excellent chance!  That’s why our Contestants and Vendors have to sign contracts and waivers to participate.  We’re being completely transparent that this will be filmed and to be aware that there is a chance OC Bridefest could make you relatively famous.

What do we wear?
Each Event has a dress code for participation and an OC Bridefest Sash must be worn.  

Friday Night LBD Party
Friday is LBD (Little Black Dress Night).  Any black dress is fine.  

Saturday Wedding & Fashion Expo
Smart Casual or Creative Bachelorette Party attire please

Sunday Team Spirit Beach Party
Wear Clothes that represent your City or School

How do we Play?
Each member of your team needs to buy a ticket and agree to the teams and conditions at checkout.  You’ll need a Team Name (20 characters or less) and a City you’ll be representing.  Your ticket includes an OC Bridefest Sash which must be worn to attend and participate in each event.  

Each Qualifying Contest has a 1 Hour Registration Window to sign in and complete the liability waiver.  Host Sean Rox will call teams to the stage when its their turn to compete.  If you Win a Contest you’ll earn a Seed on the OC Bridefest Bracket and a chance to compete in Sunday’s Beach Finals.

OC Bridefest Super Dice Beach Roll Off

What is the Bracket?
We’ll have a Giant Bracket for the Finals listing the 8 Teams that won a Qualifying Event + the City they represent.

What are Seeds?
Each Contest Winner get a Seed from 1-8 on the bracket. We use a March Madness style tournament format in the Finals.  Round 1 is the Super Dice Roll Off:

1 vs 8
4 vs 5
3 vs 6
2 vs 7

Super Dice Winners advance to the Final 4.

OC Bridefest Bracket

How do you Win?
After Sunday’s Team Frisbee & Limbo Contests, we’ll unveil the Final Bracket.

Elite 8 
Face Off in a Round of High Stakes Super Dice 

Final 4
Team Up for the Beach Cornhole Challenge

Championship Round
Finalists Play Giant Connect 4 by the Sea.  Higher Seed has a choice of going first or winning the tiebreaker if a Row of 4 isn’t attained by either team.

OC Bridefest Team Frisbee Contest

What Can We Win?

The 2024 OC Bridefest Champion Wins a Free Ocean City Maryland  Vacation Package + the Exclusive OC Bridefest Championship Belt!

You’ll be invited to the podium for a Team Photo with the Belt and a live interview for our audience and the video.


Town of Ocean City


4002 Coastal Hwy
Ocean City, MD 21842




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